Tis the season to sing carols, drink nog, and decorate the night with Christmas sneks.  

press an arrow key to change the direction of the snek and  connect bulbs to the live wire at the front of the snek to light them up.  Build a long snek or a short snek.  Ride the high speed rail to get around faster.

This is a mellow game with no set goals, but beware!  If you touch the live wire to the snek you will create a short circuit!

When you are happy with your snek, press X to go to the forest and plant a tree decorated with your snek.  Then go build another snek so you can plant another tree. 

Merry Christmas and may 2021 bring you only good things.

* Uses assets from Toy Box Jam 2020

Play the sequel: https://bikibird.itch.io/christmas-sneks-2.

Want more snakes and trains?  Try https://nextlevelbanana.itch.io/snake-on-a-train.

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This is fun! Thanks for mentioning it in that other Christmas snake game 😆


This is neat. It makes a lot more sense after reading the directions, but slowly figuring out what the heck was going on was fun in its own way.

Wait, are you the Jenny Schmidt I *KNOW*?!?   :O

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Um, yes.  Gonna PM you on Reddit...

Hey there, k!